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On Father’s Day, many dads prefer to do their own cooking, and more times than not, their instrument of choice is the grill.

Although many men might consider themselves grilling experts, there are several grilling novices who would gladly accept a few pointers.

Our chefs at Peach & The Porkchop have come up with some practical tips that would benefit any grilling enthusiast.

If it’s a gas grill and you’re cooking a steak, then high heat is preferable. You want to caramelize the outside of the beef, which develops flavor and mirrors what happens in a steakhouse.

It’s the same process that occurs with fermentation, taking a straightforward flavor and giving it more character. If you’re cooking a quantity of steaks you want higher heat because the more steaks you have on the grill the faster the grill cools off.

When grilling chicken it is always best to cook it over a medium, indirect heat for the majority of the cooking time. We also suggest using a meat thermometer for poultry and cook until it reaches 165 degrees.

Seafood depends on the type of fish. The same amount of char on a steak will taste bitter on a piece of fish, pork or chicken. For fish with a greater fat content, such as Swordfish, Cobia, Pompano (which are perfect for grilling) higher heat is preferable, but not as high as when you’re cooking a steak. If you’re cooking something like scallops, which is a lean fish, a lower heat is suggested.

When grilling fish of any kind, we recommend spraying the fish and the grill with vegetable spray, before lighting the grill to avoid sticking and additional charring. The lower the fat contact, the more vegetable spray is recommended.

As for flavor, our chefs recommend seasoning or putting rubs on the protein before it’s placed on the grill, and when it almost finished cooking, then brush your barbecue or other favorite sauces on your protein.

Happy Grilling this Father’s Day.