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ROSWELL, Ga. – It’s a catchy name, Peach & the Porkchop. And there’s a great story behind it.

Owner’s Alyssa (the Peach) and Chuck (the Porkchop) Staley set out to create a “Family First” restaurant in Roswell. Check! Their other objective was to offer locally sourced products with a commitment to steroid-free, gluten-free, and hormone-free beef, chicken, bacon and seafood. Check!

Now let’s talk burgers (there are 10 on the menu), or should I say “Burghers”…the spelling a tribute to Chuck’s Pittsburgh roots.

Coincidentally they feature the “Pittsburgher” which includes sautéed mushrooms, onions, bacon, Maytag blue cheese, fried egg topped with hand cut fries (a la Pittsburgh’s legendary Primanti Brothers). This was the “Burgher” that #BurgersWithBuck decided to try, and subsequently gave the coveted “thumbs up” (before finishing every last bite).

While the “Pittsburgher” is a large undertaking, perhaps you like an even bigger challenge. If so, they’ve got you covered with the Fat Farm.

Are you ready for two-½ pound burger patties, a fried egg, sautéed mushrooms & onions, bacon, hot sausage, swiss and cheddar cheese? Good luck!

For more information on Peach & the Pork Chop, including a look at the menu, go to their website

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