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Call it karma or a divine appointment, but sometimes things just come together so nicely. Take for instance an Atlanta girl and a Pittsburgh guy who end up together and the result is a restaurant called Peach & The Porkchop.

When we arrived, I could tell from the number of cars in the parking lot that this was going to be good. I dropped Melanie off and parked the car and when I arrived I was shown to our table. We LOVED the décor of this restaurant. It’s stacked stone, rustic wood features and the look of hardwood floors are so warm, comfortable and casual, we felt at home right away.

In each review, you’ll notice I always mention our server but rarely mention them by name. In this review though, I cannot say enough about Tiffany who waited on us. She welcomed us like family and cut up with us like friends. I mentioned to Melanie as we were leaving that we often say that perhaps a sauce or a side dish was the “show stealer” but in this case it was our server. She took such wonderful care of us – her attitude and demeanor turned our meal into an experience to be treasured.

Another thing that won our hearts was when we saw on the menu “feel free to create your own”. Melanie and I have always felt that when you open a restaurant it’s akin to welcoming guests into your home. Far too often, we see chefs who dictate pairings and refuse to honor a guest’s wishes. While I understand that a chef’s desire in to deliver his experience into the meal, we feel one must always respect the wishes of a guest even when we think they are “ruining” the meal. They’re the ones eating it! They’re the ones that are pay ing for it! It’s ultimately their decision. (Dismount from soapbox).